Analyze Pools like a Pro

Poolfish Pro adds advanced features on top of the calculators that you already know and love. All built for Liquidity Providers.

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The first pro features are live! These Pro tools will help you find the best LP opportunites and track your positions. We'll be adding more features that help you manage LPing in the coming months.

What’s included

  • Track your positions PnL
  • Compare pools for the same pair
  • Export Pool data
  • Export Position data
  • More coming...

Early bird pricing


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Track your Positions

Pro allows you to track the Profit and Loss for multiple positions! This helps you know how things are going and when you should make changes to your position. Currently, position tracking only covers Uniswap on Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, Optimism and Base.

Compare Pairs

With Pro you can easily find pools you could earn more fees with. Right on the main calculator page you'll see other dexes and chains as well as the the difference in earning compared to the current pool you're looking at. It even updates with the settings you make on the calculator! Quickly click off to calculate the fees.


Export Pools & Positions

Export all the pool data and top positions from the tables on Poolfish. Then you can organize and filter the data specifically to your needs in excel. You are a Pro for sure!

More Pro features coming.

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